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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S got an advance copy of sax man Robby Bright's Sometimes You Just Know and we feel rather confident that this artist is on the fast track to the inner circle of smooth jazz sax (where Richard, Boney, Gerald & Kirk hang out). We've never felt so sure about using the word 'yummy" to describe a CD. And while this CD is yummy, it's still challenging to use that word when describing the seasoned playing you'll hear on Sometimes You Just Know. From the first track Robby establishes an environment that you'll want to remain in as long as possible; his warm tones capture you. The Ohio native has been playing saxophone since the age of 5. By 15 he was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee School of Music! It's easy to understand why his playing is so at ease... Putting the listener at ease... Again, yummy comes to mind. loves Slow Jam, Gotta Get Your Groove On, In The Rain and / Like.

Sandy Shore, President / Founder

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